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Diamond Bar Spring 2013 - Rubik's Cube Competition

Diamond Bar Spring 2013 Competitors

Name (Last) Country 2x23x34x46x6OHBLDFMCSq-1MBLD
Angel Lim Email AngelUSAXXX-XXX-X
Anthony Lauro Email AnthonyUSAXXX-X----
Austin Reed Email AustinUSAXXXXXXXXX
Brenden Bourbonnais Email BrendenUSA-X-------
Brian Whittington Email BrianUSAXX-------
Christian Martin Email ChristianUSAXX-------
Cole Supple Email ColeUSAXX-------
Derek Han Email DerekKorea-X-------
Deven Nadudvari Email DevenUSAXXX-XXXXX
Everett Kelly Email EverettUSAXXX-X--X-
Guanda Fu (符冠达) Email GuandaChinaXXXXXXXXX
James Hamory Email JamesUSAXXXXX-XXX
Joachim Vallente Email JoachimPhilippinesXXXX-----
Jonathan Lopez Email JonathanUSAXX--X----
Matt Bahr Email MattUSAXXXX-----
Michael Young Email MichaelUSAXXXXXXXX-
Miles Zoltak Email MilesUSAXX-------
Patrick Hong Email PatrickUSAXXXX-----
Peter Chau Email PeterUSAXXXXX--X-
Phil Hamory Email PhilUSAXX---X---
Riley Woo Email RileyUSAXXXXXXX-X
Russell Uvas Email RussellUSAXX-------
Samuel Chiu Email SamuelUSAXXXXXXXX-
Silas Wong Email SilasUSAXX-------
Steven Turner Email StevenUSAXXX-XXXX-
Takao Hashimoto (橋本貴夫) Email TakaoJapan-------X-
Tiffany Choi Email TiffanyUSAXX--X----
Tim Wong Email TimUSAXXXXXXX-X
William Alva Email WilliamUSAXX-------
Ye Jun Lee Email Ye JunUSAXX-------
Totals: 30 27291611151010107