Berkeley Winter 2011 Rubik's Cube Tournament

Date: Saturday, February 12, 2011

Location: UC Berkeley

Venue: 159 Mulford

Schedule: (hard single solve cutoffs in parentheses. Attempts that reach the hard cutoff will be terminated and recorded as DNF.)

9:00: Registration 1
9:30: Square 1 R1 (Average of 5, 5:00)
10:15: Pyraminx Combined Final (Average of 5, 7:30; must have a single solve of under 2:30 in the first two attempts)
10:45: 4x4 Combined Final (Average of 5, 7:30; must have a single solve of under 1:30 in the first two attempts)
11:45: Lunch 1, BLD Final (Best of 3, 10:00; must have a combined time of under 10:00 during the first two attempts)
12:15: Registration 2
12:45: Lunch 2, 3x3 Speedsolve R1 (Average of 5, 10:00)
2:15: 3x3 One Handed R1 (Average of 5, 10:00)
3:15: 3x3 Speedsolve R2 (Average of 5)
3:45: Square 1 Final (Average of 5),Pyraminx Final (Average of 5)
4:45: 3x3 One Handed Final (Average of 5)
5:15: 3x3 Speedsolve Final (Average of 5)
5:45: Awards

Competitors, please make sure you are familiar with the WCA regulations. Competitors representing a country other than the United States, please be aware that you must show a valid passport pertaining to the relevant country.

The cost of registration is $3n, where n is the number of events you will be competing in

Questions? Email berkeleycubeclub {at} gmail [dot] com.

Registration is now closed.

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