EPGY Stanford Winter 2010 is the fifth competition at Stanford University, and the third annual competition sponsored by Stanford's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY). It will be an official competition run by a team of cubers from Berkeley, Caltech, and Stanford.

Date: Saturday, February 13, 2010

Planned Location: Annenberg Auditorium ("AnnAud")
in the Cummings Art Building, Stanford University

Events: 3x3x3 Speedsolve | 3x3x3 One-Handed | 3x3x3 Blindfolded | 5x5x5 | Square-1 | Magic | Master Magic | Team Blindfolded (Unofficial)
Tentative Events: 2x2x2 | 4x4x4 | Pyraminx

Who may compete?

Anyone who can solve a cube may register and compete.

How much will it cost?

We will be collecting registration fees from competitors to pay expenses. Registration will be $5 for the first event, $2 for each additional event. $1 of each competitor's fee will go to the WCA.

Pre-registration: Competitors may pre-register for the competition until February 6. Competitors who do not pre-register can register at the door for an additional $5 fee.

Stanford: Stanford community members may compete for free (even if they did not pre-register).

What should competitors know?

Cubes: Competitors should bring their own cubes to compete with. (Some cubers might be willing to lend theirs, though.)

Time Limits: Each solve has a 10-minute time limit. Some events may be subject to a lower time limit.

Regulations: Competitors, please make sure you are familiar with the WCA Regulations before competing, particularly Article A.

Questions? Contact Lucas Garron at lucasg [at]