San Diego Open 2010 Rubik's Cube Tournament

Date:May 29, 2010

Location:Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
1875 El Prado
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 238-1233
Reuben H. Fleet website

Venue:Community Forum

Schedule:Times will vary depending on how fast or slow we finish each event.

9:00am Registration
9:30 2x2 First round
10:00 3x3 First Round
11:00 3x3OH First round
12:00 Pyraminx Final
12:30 Square-1 Final
1:30 3x3 Blindfolded Final Round
2:30 2x2 Final Round
3:00 3x3OH Final Round
3:30 3x3 2nd Round
4:00 Head to Head (Top 16 seeded from 2nd round)
4:30 3x3 Final Round(Top 8)
4:45 Awards

Registration fee:$10 if you preregister, $15 day of

Other Information:Entry will be in the Back doors. Competitor will be allowed to bring 1 person in with them. Please have lunch in between events or when you can, there is no scheduled break for lunch. This will be a long day due to the amount of Events and Competitors, please be ready when you are called and to make sure that All competitors may be asked to help judge or scramble please make sure you are familiar with the WCA regulations.

Competitors, please make sure you are familiar with the WCA regulations.

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